You Should Pack This

I recently flew from Nevada to Virginia on a super fun, all-girl trip, and discovered what most everyone else probably already knew:

TSA regulations allow you to carry your liquid toiletries on the plane with you—provided you can cram your entire beauty/hygiene regimen into a quart-sized Ziploc bag. Otherwise, you have to pay to check your luggage.

So, before buying a bunch of made-for-an-American-Girl-Doll-sized toiletries, I decided to call my travel-savvy sister Sarah and glean from her wisdom. Her take on the situation?

“You can fit quite a lot into those Ziploc bags.”

Well, I’m here to tell you . . . you can’t.

Or at least, you might want to redefine “a lot.” If you, like Sarah, look great wearing nothing but chapstick for makeup, and your hair routine consists of a finely-honed system of washing and air drying, you’re all set. On a side note, a toddler could have hoisted Sarah’s bag into taxi cabs for us.

Not so with my bag.

But of all the many tangible things I brought on this trip, there was something intangible I’d packed as well. And it was the intangible that turned out to be most precious.

While reading my Bible before the trip, I came across Psalm 91. I recognized it, this Psalm being a well-known one about God’s protection. I’m not a fan of flying and, knowing I’d be airborne soon, I decided to memorize the chapter.

It was such a comfort to me on my flights. I recited those verses mentally over and over. They silenced my own thoughts, my own fears. His thoughts, His whispers, His promises filled my mind.

Before you start on a journey, think about asking God to give you something special to take with you. Your journey may be an actual, physical journey, or simply a new undertaking—like getting married, starting a new job, raising a child or volunteering for some worthy but challenging cause.

Whatever the journey might be, I recommend packing an intangible essential, in case of turbulence.

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I agree, things change so fast. It’s comforting that God offers us something to depend on!

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